Simpson DR2 Racing Helmet

Simpson DR2 Racing Helmet

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Simpson Racing DR2 Helmet

NOW ONLY $249.99!

The Devil Ray 2 or the DR2 is a modified version of the Devil Ray helmet, homologated to Snell SA2015 certification with loads of new features including a new clear air pipe for top air. The DR2 model comes ready for electronics and air supply. The air option can be added by the factory. This helmet model offers improved comfort and fit while maintaining the level of quality found in the Devil Ray. Ventilation was added to the DR2 model in order to let heat escape and keep the driver comfortable. Non-integrated accessories can be purchased and installed by the customer or at the factory. FEATURES:

  • Snell SA2015 certified
  • Lightweight shell construction
  • Recessed area for ear cups
  • Additional air flow
  • Removable cheek pads and top pads for a custom fit
  • Compatible with the Devil Ray shield and pivot system
  • Recommended for Dirt Track, Stock Car, Off-Road, Karting and Road Racing

 Snell SA 2015 Helmets Offer Superior Protection: Snell SA 2015 helmets meet Snell’s latest and most stringent safety standards. In addition to the strict testing for high impact crashes that Snell certified helmets are subjected to, new tougher requirements have been added for Snell SA 2015 certification that also include low velocity and low lateral testing. Additionally, SA 2015 helmets must now be equipped with FIA 8858-2010 compliant M6 terminal mounts for frontal head restraints. A helmet that is Snell SA 2015 has passed “Low Velocity” impact testing. For the racer, this test ensures performance in low velocity crashes. In addition, a helmet that is Snell SA 2015 certified has also passed “Low Lateral” impact tests focusing on the key area around the ear and temple.